Three classic elevator styles

A double or multi storied home is incomplete without an elevator. With a good range of designs and easy installations, elevators have made their way into many homes. Elevator designs are many and it can get very difficult to opt for the right one. When it comes to installing an elevator in the house, Grant Residential  Elevators help you decide and select the right one as per the house and the space available.


To help you understand elevators, based on the need there are typically some styles that you can opt for,when installing a home elevator. Elevators are mainly of four types, on the basis of the mechanism used.


Elevators used for large buildings are called hydraulic elevators   and the  mechanism used for hydraulic elevators is not required for a residential home elevator. They are used extensively in buildings up to five or six stories high.

Traction elevators are the most common type of elevators. Elevator cars are pulled up by  a sheave. The sheave is basically a deeply grooved pulley and the elevator car is pulled up by ropes. They are also sometimes called roped elevators . Roped elevators are much more versatile than hydraulic elevators, as well as more efficient and sometimes have more safety built in. These work well for buildings that are not too high.


Climbing elevator are mostly used in construction areas as they  hold their own power device on them, mostly electric or combustion engine.

The widest range of home elevators are Pneumatic Elevators. They work efficiently for single stories and can go up to 3 or 4 stories. Mostly, you do not even require any pre-construction shaft, pit, or machine room for installing these elevators. Since a vacuum pump is used to generate areas of higher and lower atmospheric pressure using a cylinder, the elevator unit can move smoothly using less energy. This mechanism makes it an ideal unit as a home elevator. Pneumatic elevators also come in a good range of designs. Since they are safe, reliable, virtually maintenance free, incredibly quiet. and  are light, these elevators can also be fitted within a home. They can easily service 2 to 4 floors, making them ideal elevators for the home.

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